Q. What type of car is Ouchi designed for?

A. Ouchi is universal and will protect any vehicle but please note: There are some types of vehicles that use aluminium, fiberglass or plastic for some parts of the bodywork so please ensure your vehicle door is steel. Magnets will only stick to steel.

Q. How secure is the security cord?

A. We have focused intensely on keeping your investment secure, the
security cord is a PVC coated steel cable and cannot be cut with domestic
scissors or knives.

Q. How long are Ouchi car door protectors?

A. The overall length of Ouchi car door protectors are 85cm long, 

these dimensions do not include the security cord. 

Rolled up dimensions are 10.5cm.

Q. Where can I store my Ouchi car door protector?

A. Ouchi’s unique design, allows you to Roll it and Store it in your
car door storage pocket to reduce clutter and inconvenience or alternatively store
both in the glove compartment.

Q. Can Ouchi car door protector be used in the rain?

A. Yes Ouchi is made from Eco-friendly silicone rubber and is completely weather
proof, however please refer to the cleaning instructions.

Q. Could Ouchi scratch my paintwork?

A. Although the magnets are fully
enclosed and molded into the silicon rubber, any item in contact with paintwork has a potential to mark or scratch, however, a well maintained and clean vehicle/Ouchi will not mark or scratch your paintwork, also please restrict sliding movements whist Ouchi has contact, if you need to adjust positions, remove from vehicle and re-position as necessary.

Q. Can Ouchi car door protectors be left on my car permanently?

A. No! Ouchi car door protectors are only designed to be used when your
vehicle is stationary, please do not use whilst your vehicle is in motion.

Do Ouchi car door protectors come in different colours?

A. The default colours are black, however we can supply (depending on
order quantity) any colour in the pantone colour range and we are also able to
colour match your vehicle, for this service please contact us and our team
would be more than happy to help.

 If our Frequently Asked Questions do not cover your concerns, please do not hesitate to 

contact us via any of our contact details on this website.

Thank You!